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Airport March Qiqihar minimum San Zheqi some discounted tickets
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As of February 28, Aceh airport spring of this year a total of 88 sorties flown, passenger throughput of 9775 people, representing a decrease of 13.91% over the same period last year. The reason is limited by the Capital Airport to work overtime, overtime decreased, compared to Reduction of 40 sorties over the same period, the current part of the discount flights. Currently, Beijing flights, tickets sold out before 27, 27 to 10 March is a full price ticket, after March 10, 5 fold. Shanghai, Guangzhou flights, tickets sold out on March 2, March 2 to 10 6 fold, 10 fold after 5 . March 10 date, go to Beijing in Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Haikou, Xi'an and other major central cities 1,800 and up. The airline is currently being tracked by the dynamic flow of visitors is expected in early March will be reduced Onward fares. At present, the main flow of tourists from the mainland to the coastal cities, the fare is basically a full price ticket, while the reverse of the coastal cities to small cities in the Mainland flights price is lower, the lowest San Zheqi can Call 2381111 for more information.
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