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Shenzhen airport express
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330 high-quality goods carry circuit to serve

Develop as the abidance of socialist market economy, shenzhen is public transportation the competition of passenger transport market is intense with each passing day already, public transportation passenger transport serves by " wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child deep " traditional management pattern already was changed to high-quality goods stage by stage, the brand changes management mode to change. 2000, airport company is chance and breach with founding high-quality goods to serve, rate 330 public transportation line formally " high-quality goods carries line " .

330 carriage circuitry reach China couplet large building from Shenzhen airport, whole journey 35KM, by way of is wide deep high speed, deep south highway, set edifice of bamboo forest, investment, China couplet edifice to stand, the journey makes an appointment with 50 minutes, main to seize the opportunity the passenger offers ground transportation to carry a service. Differ as a result of what serve a target, accordingly, level of this circuitry service and the stand or fall that take Wu quality affect the brilliant figure with Shenzhen modernization, metropolitan internationalization directly, its importance is self-evident.

To do well high-quality goods circuitry serves, airport area transport company opens up endowment nearly 20 million yuan purchased 10 rich to send luxurious bus to throw circuit battalion to carry. In the meantime, strengthen appearance of car of appearance of vehicle and management of field station sanitation, creation civilization works trimly and take car environment; Uniting by personnel to department outfit, pay attention to appearance, with clean beautiful beautiful figure serves at the passenger. Society of 330 lines direction publishs commitment: "No matter when the airliner arrives, 330 circuitry bus awaits you in the airport " , this also is the major distinction of as public transportation as other car, more dash forward showed 330 carriage line " convenient passenger, service passenger " service tenet. What broad citizen got since this high-quality goods service is rolled out oneself is extensive reputably.

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