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Do understand that tourists tourist season into the baked eight-step check-in
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As the network brought about by the ticket booking service offers, more and more people choose to travel by plane, for those who often fly out the process that is well known, but no one has ever flown, the air flow can be a bit troublesome, now, let heaven-sent into the air to answer your questions step by step process: First, to the airport. Heaven-sent as to remind you have to pay attention to time, because the airline provides to stop 30 minutes before departure to check in, so you best to 1 hour before departure to the airport. Second: to check in (ie boarding pass.) Look at your counter in which the flights, the airport has a display to tell you which flight in which the counter, find the appropriate counter, the ticket ID to the airport check-in staff. If you have heavy luggage, checked in here, less than 20 kilograms of baggage in economy class is free. Do not pay attention to entrainment of checked baggage prohibited items, after finishing check-in, check-in passengers who will be joint ticket, boarding pass, baggage tickets, ID back to you. Third, over security. To the security channel, the channel port has a security check counter, you will be linked passenger tickets, boarding passes, ID cards to the screeners, screeners did not examine the above issues will be boarding pass stamped. And then to pass security gates, portable security door with items from the X-ray screening machines in the past, from the security gate by yourself. No problem on security into the terminal. Fourth, waiting. After passing through security, look at your boarding pass will be marked above in which your flight boarding gate, find the corresponding gate terminal, a few numbers in a few gate terminal to terminal. The location of each terminal, the airport will have the display shows it is not clear ask the airport staff. Find the terminal to where the rest, such as broadcast notice board. If you smoke, you can smoke to the smoking room. Heaven-sent as to remind you forget to pay attention to listening to the radio Oh. V. boarding. Hear the boarding broadcasting, there will be staff at the gate boarding pass tear, you went to the boarding gate will make service personnel, service personnel from boarding a small tear, other parts of the return to you, you hold your boarding pass along with others on the plane. Sixth, find machine location. Have your boarding pass marked the location, such as: 5D, 11C or something, figures represent the first few rows, each row of seats is based on A, B, C, D, E, F. . Row, seat number marked on the aircraft baggage bulkhead in place (above the seats.) Find your place to sit down, wear seat belts, turn off the phone before takeoff. Seven meals. In flight, the airline distributed free drinks, long routes such as meal time, there will be free meals supply route will be sent a short snack. Eight, to arrive. Aircraft arrived at the destination station, a heaven-sent as to remind you if you check luggage, remember to pick up luggage, in the passage to the exit where there will be baggage.
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