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Liar "0 ultimate transfer" cheated Nanning 5,000 people buy air tickets online
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The afternoon of November 30, Nanning Leung online community provides air tickets, but was somehow cheated of about 5,000. The survey found that fraud is a so-called "0 ultimate transfer," Ms Leung's money to "turn" away. Reservations must provide the transaction serial number November 30 at noon, going to take my son to Guangzhou Leung in "Where to" Site Search Nanning to Guangzhou flights, see the December 8 Nanning airline tickets to play a 2.5 fold, the fare is only 180 yuan / Zhang because they feel the price is appropriate and does not own the online bank accounts, Ms Leung, a web search is called "Southern customer service" phone number (4006296878) and dial in the past. "I see the number is 400 at the beginning, only the service call will have this at the beginning and after the phone to get through the procedures for them to speak with me before is the same as a flight reservation, so I did not doubt it." Leung said. In accordance with the "Southern" requirements, Leung transfer to the Industrial and Commercial Bank ATM machine, after trying unsuccessfully several times, Leung went to the counter unit to the "Southern" of an account (6222022201011701028 head of the household: Raymond) in turn 630 million. After the transfer ticket costs, Leung once again call the "Southern" customer service phone number is 0118 workers who claimed the "customer service" to provide transaction serial number Leung, Ms Leung in the bill but did not find the serial number transactions The customer service staff will be "kind" to remind Leung can go to a nearby ATM machine, enter verification code to activate your account. Pressing harder and harder cheated card balance Accordance with the "customer service" prompt, enter the transfer amount Leung in a string of numbers beginning with 0, "the 'customer service' assured me that this string of numbers will not be deducted by my money." Leung said that she was in accordance with the "call" instructions, found that the amount of accounts lost nearly 4,000 yuan. "I was to panic, that 'customer service' and I explained that the operation may be just wrong, let me then they said to operate, they will transfer the money back to me." All operation is complete, check again, Ms Leung, was surprised to find the money card was only 69 yuan. "It is estimated that you use the bank's ATM machine sets out the problem, you have China Construction Bank or other bank card? We pay you more money transferred to other banks through you." When the "customer service" "enthusiastic" when the reminder phrase, Ms Leung was suddenly find themselves cheated out of about 5,000 before and after, before and after the report had to hurry to the Public Security Bureau. "0 ultimate transfer," the hidden mystery The same day, the reporter called the phone number provided Ms Leung, lied to need to order a ticket on December 4, 0226, a claim to the job number for the men told reporters that the option card to card transfers, no card or deposit 3 counter deposit payment, then he provided to reporters two accounts (ICBC: 6222022201015259940 Construction Bank: 6227003527500086873; two accounts are headed Wang Fei), the journalists in the cost of air travel within 90 minutes to an account in which . Half an hour later, the reporter told the "customer service" has the appropriate amount to the bank account of its, "you tell me the serial number of your transactions, and then click to activate the ATM." When a reporter said the bill, which are not found in the customer transaction serial number, the "customer service" immediately put through to the Information Ministry said. Subsequently, the job number for the 0118 claim of "customer service" to allow journalists to find a ATM machine, they can help to free verification, "We are bound to verify the serial number is 0, similar to the form of transfer." "Customer service" stressed must be to operate in accordance with what he said, "or made a mistake the company has to bear legal responsibility." "Customer service" to allow journalists to provide the first 3 digits after card number and card balance, after the transfer of the card number, enter "6222022201014695151." In the transfer amount, the reporter must enter 0422866, when the reporter will be transferred out of the money, the "customer service" means the use of the "0 ultimate transfer" approach, will not transfer the money to go. Reporters did not operate, "customer service" trick did not succeed, so he brought the press transfer to 6222022201011701028, "go to our director's account inside it." He said. Similarly, he let reporters enter the amount in the transfer number 0422866. When the third operation, "customer service" to allow journalists to enter 422,866 in the transfer amount, "twice before you bind the serial number with a 0, and this time do not lose." After 3 failed attempts, the "customer service" told reporters that they have no way, then hung up. The case also the police for further investigation. This reporter also reminded members of the public, liar deception various means, failing must be careful.
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