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Shanghai-Taiwan direct flights to New Year hot ticket in advance
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Taipei for the "Flower Expo" effect led, during the Spring Festival next year, direct flights from Shanghai to Taiwan in advance sales. Airlines reporter learned from relevant 13, Shanghai non-stop Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport flight ticket very tight around the Spring Festival, China Eastern Airlines selling 10 days before the Spring Festival Hongqiao Airport to Songshan Airport air tickets are sold out. Insiders said the current live or work in Shanghai has more than 70 million Taiwan people, Taiwan compatriots returning to Taiwan with his family presented the Spring Festival passenger flow peak become the norm, but this year ahead of cross-strait direct flights to Taiwan to the mainland is one of the main selling visitors increased. Groups pushing to see a lot of travel agencies in Shanghai, Taipei, "Flower Expo" to attract tourists, coupled with a long Chinese New Year holidays, the students leave, the tourists from Shanghai to Taiwan for family enrollment rate increased significantly peer. It is understood that, with the deepening of cross-strait exchanges in various fields, the two sides held large-scale activities to increase greatly the prosperity of the aviation market between Shanghai and Taiwan, between the two places to promote the continued growth in air source. According to Shanghai, the frontier inspection station statistics, this year the two airports from the Shanghai Entry-Exit the Taiwan compatriots have more than 1.82 million passengers, a record high. Meanwhile, welcoming the first month of the Taipei Flower Expo, from Shanghai port to Taiwan nearly 2 million passengers, compared to the second half of the average monthly increase of nearly 5,000 people. Since Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year followed, together with Shanghai-Taiwan cross-strait direct air tight, the Spring Festival eve of the departure from Shanghai to offer the tourism team have soared throughout the period, such as Chinese New Year streaky luxury hotel stay in Taiwan, "Island 8 Luxury Tour team, "quotes to nearly million yuan. Many people here said, "will be considered to avoid the Spring Festival travel peak season, nearly half of the travel costs can be saved." The reporter learned from China Southern, Air China, China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines and other airlines understand that although the next year, Shanghai-Taiwan flights around the Spring Festival in short supply, but recent cross-strait flight capacity is still relatively abundant.
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